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Welcome to Water Ionizers Canada.

We have a product comparison guide in the "Support" section of this web site called, "Recognizing the correct water ionizer" which explains our products attributes as well as suggests best practices. For example, you would never want to get caught buying a water ionizer equipped with an outdated power transformer which limits the water flow of the unit rather than obtaining an up to date SMPS power supply which has the technology to offer continuous water flow up to an hour.

This comparison guide was an idea put together for your peace of mind because; in this new fledgling water ionizer industry it can be very confusing choosing the proper water ionizer to say the least. We understand this situation and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

We want your water ionizer experience to be as joyful for you as it was for all of our current customers who are enjoying the benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized Water.

Most people spend endless hours searching the internet for answers on how to improve their health or trying to find a magic cure to an illness they have just been diagnosed with.

This is no magic cure and the simplest way to explain its incredible effects is the analogy with the swimming pool. Have you see how the water in a swimming pool goes green and algae grows on the liner when the pH level drops down to an acidic level? But, when you add an alkaline buffer to the water it becomes clear again. And it will stay clear as long as the water stays at the proper pH level.

Your body also must stay at a preferred pH level to be healthy and nothing can alkalize the body naturally like earth's number one nutrient, "Water"

We would love to have your business, please tell us how to earn it!

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